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Congratulations Are In Order !

Fire Lieutenant Ryan Jones is appointed as Assistant Fire Chief. A/Chief Jones is highly qualified for this position through his certifications and demonstrated leadership/management abilities. His addition to the overall management team will assure adherence to all the many requirements levied upon all fire departments. His appointment was requested by Chief Blackwell and overwhelmingly approved by the Board. Well done, Chief.

Proof that the Fire Explorers program works! Fire Explorers Cody Hall and Josh Hyder, having reached their majority and satisfying all training requirements are now active members of the Department as full Firemen. This is achieved only by active and dedicated involvement with the program's requirements, which are considerable. Congrats guys and welcome aboard.

Ms. Chelsea Hollemon is the new head of the Department Support Group replacing Mr. Elton Chapman. Elton served honorably and successfully and we offer our sincere thanks and appreciation. Ms. Hollemon has been active in this group since its inception and fully understands the mission and requirements. There is no doubt that, with her energy and commitment, the group will continue providing excellent support to the Department and the community. Congrats Chelsea and thanks for stepping up.

The Vial of Life Project

We proudly offer Vial of Life decals to our community for free. We feel that the Vial of Life Project is a most important program for protecting seniors and others in need.

We would like to thank American Senior Safety Medical Alarm Systems for
donating these kits to our organization.


Social Hall Rentals

Just as a reminder, the Social Hall is available for rent by individuals, groups, or organizations for gatherings or meetings. Facilities include the main hall and use of the kitchen if desired. Anyone interested should contact the Department or print a copy of the application.

Free Smoke Detector Program

Smoke detectors save lives and is one of the most important pieces of equipment you can have in your home. They protect you and your family and require little maintenance. We provide one detector per family per floor of house. So, come to the Department and get yours today; it could save your life!

Request for Tours

Tours of the Department are always welcome and fun for us and especially for youngsters. And, we sometimes get requests from older youth groups/schools as part of career day. To be sure you and your groups are always welcome but to ensure we provide the best experience possible we need some lead time and information prior to your visit.

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