4 July 2014 - A Great Day!!!

This year's celebration must be recorded as the best to date! Beautiful weather, activities for everyone to enjoy, plenty of good food, and an estimated attendance of 4,000 people! But, the best part was watching members of our community come together in friendship. Moreover, it is the good that will be realized by others during the coming year thanks to the generosity of you, the citizens of Holly Springs. Did we overlook the reason for this event? No, I wonder just how many kids asked, Dad/Mom what is the Fourth of July? Why are we so proud to be Americans? You told them, they will remember and tell theirs one day. How many of you, as you watched the fireworks thought about the true meaning of "The rockets red glare"?

How does the Department not only pull this off every year but make it better and better? Well, we have a handful of volunteers from the Department, the Board and our Support Group that gives unselfishly of their time and energies each year to 'make this happen'. It is no easy task as months of planning and coordinating go into an event of this type. They are pros and make it look simple and easy. And, the support we get from businesses in and out of Holly Springs is vital. To them our gratitude and a heartfelt Thank You is offered.

We could list each individual that participated in executing this event but, to list names would offend most as they do this for the betterment of the community and not personal gain...Most admirable. What is the good that will come from this day of celebration?

  • Thanks to Julie Jeffcoat the Pageant netted +/- $1300.00 to be used in support of families during the upcoming holiday season. It is safe to say that no one can orchestrate a function such as this nearly as well as Julie.
  • Food/Concession sales brought in approximately $5,000.00 which will ensure funding for next year's celebration. To those who really enjoyed the chopped BBQ, it was Lee Jeffcoat who spent many long hours cooking it using his recipe. As an example of the teamwork that exists in the Department; when the borrowed meat chopper failed, we had too many volunteers who stepped in and prepared it by hand. Thanks to all!
  • Womanless Beauty Pageant. I'm still speechless (and that is saying something). If anyone ever had any doubt about the dedication of these men to the betterment of the community, I'm sure you no longer do!! Enough kidding, all said $700.00 was raised, in a short period of time, to help fund the HSBC Backpack Ministeries which, is a large portion of their annual operating budget. Thanks to the Commissioners, the Chief and Russel Hart for 'showing us a side of you' none of us ever want to see again!

Before closing this out, we want to pass our gratitude to the good folks who brought their Classic Cars for us to enjoy. There were some beauties out there. And, to Poor Paul's fireworks from Gaffney who helped us choose what to get and fire AND instruction/training of how to do it safely. There were some powerful loads fired. And, to Tim St. Louis and his crew for taking on the job of actually arranging and shooting the fireworks and giving all of us something to remember.

Starting today, the HSVFD Photo Fundraiser is back! Many may remember that this activity first began in 1985 then, a few years ago, stopped for a period of time...Now, it is back and offering residents of the fire district an opportunity to obtain professional grade portraits of individuals or families. There are several packages to choose from and prices to fit any budget. Christmas cards with a current year photo are great when connecting with friends and family.

Mr. Bill Montooth is the representative for the company performing these services for the Department. He is credentialed with the Department (See below). Monies made by the Department from this fundraiser will be used to purchase replacement turnout gear (garb worn by firefighters) and air packs. So, this program offers something for everyone. Families get professional photographs and the Department benefits by being able to provide our firefighters with the critical equipment required to perform their duties.

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