Another Great 4th

Attendance at this year's celebration topped the 5,000 mark. Members of the community plus a large number of people from surrounding areas all came to enjoy a day of celebrating our Country's independence. The weather cooperated giving all a time to enjoy friends and family and having some outstanding food only made the day better. All activities came off as planned with excellent participation.

Our thanks, again, to Julie Jeffcoat for her expert planning and execution of the Annual Pageant. All the "young'uns" had a load of fun too. The pageant even received recognition in the Spatanburg Herald. Congratulation to Ms. Joselyn Pruit for being chosen as the Ultimate Supreme Winner. Also, the pageant collected around $1,000.00 toward the Kids at Christmas Fund.

Thanks to the great efforts put forth by the Department Support Group, Firefighters, Fire Explorers and Commissioners, we were able to have all areas properly prepared for the days activities. And once again, we were able to enjoy the great BBQ and other meats from Chef Lee Jeffcoat. The demand was high and the Support Group members and Commissioners stayed busy serving the public. The Department raised +/- $5300.00, in much needed funds. Thanks to all.

While waiting for the grand finale fireworks display, the Classic Car Revue received a lot of attention and we thank the owners for participating and for preserving these beautiful machines. As is the norm, the fireworks display was magnificent and the perfect way to end an outstanding day. Thanks to all!

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